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ford canopy

Ford Bakgat Canopy

Look at the Ford Bakgat Canopy
isuzu canopy

Isuzu Bakgat Canopy

Look at the Isuzu Bakgat Canopy
Toyota bakgat canopy

Toyota Bakgat Canopy

Look at the Toyota Bakgat Canopy
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Nissan Bakgat Canopy

Look at the Nissan Bakgat Canopy

Welcome to Canopy Warehouse, your Fiberglass Bakkie Canopy Manufacturer

The all-new Bakgat Canopy Range is the best and most affordable Bakkie Canopy on the market. We strive to manufacture top-class bakkie canopies for the whole of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, and neighboring countries.

We supply canopies to the industrial, commercial, and leisure markets. Our factory and head office is situated in Tarlton in Gauteng province.

For all your Canopy needs, contact us and lets get you your Bakkie Canopy fitted. 

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Canopy | Canopies | Bakgat Canopies | Bakkie canopies | Bakgat canopy | Bakkie Canopy Bakgat canopies are the best canopies on the market. When you need a bakkie canopy you do not have to search any further. These bakkie canopies are well-built and you will. Whether you are looking for a Ford canopy, Toyota canopy, Nissan Canopy, Isuzu canopy, GWM canopy, JAC canopy, or any other bakkie canopy, Bakgat canopies would be able to supply you with it.